Why Windows Mobile 7 Won’t Save Microsoft

Since the time Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer declared Windows Mobile 7 at MWC in Barcelona, everybody in the portable tech world has been discussing it. Microsoft used to be an entirely enormous player in the cell phone space, however as of late they have lost monstrous piece of the pie to contenders like RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, and Google’s Android. Yet, is Windows Phone 7 going to spare Microsoft and pull them back to the top? Despite the fact that it is entirely conceivable, here are a couple of impediments that are neutralizing them:

  1. Late Release

Windows Mobile 7 was at first scheduled to be discharged by 2009. Presently, Microsoft is stating that it will be discharged in late 2010. Rather, in 2009 they discharged Windows Mobile 6.5, which should be a short extra until the new programming could come out.

The primary issue for Microsoft is that the more they hold up before they really discharge Windows Phone 7, the more drawn out their rivals should manufacture piece of the overall industry. In 2009 alone, they lost 13% of their piece of the pie. What amount of will they lose in 2010? Since advanced cells are such a social gadget these days, this outcomes in a more regrettable encounter for every single existing Window Mobile clients.

  1. Terrible Reviews

The surveys for Windows Mobile 6.5 were certainly not great for Microsoft. This terrible press doesn’t lead individuals to sit as eager and anxious as ever envisioning Windows Mobile 7. Fortunately this has constrained Microsoft to totally begin once again and fabricate another working framework without any preparation. Ideally they take care of business this time.

  1. Performing various tasks

One of the gossipy tidbits going around is that Windows Phone 7 will most likely be unable to perform various tasks. Obviously, this is likewise a constraint of the iPhone, while Blackberries and Androids right now have performing multiple tasks capacities. It is additionally supposed that iPhones will bolster performing multiple tasks with the arrival of its 4.0 programming. If so, at that point Microsoft could be deserted even before they start.

  1. Bing

Microsoft’s Bing web search tool unquestionably isn’t awful, yet a great many people despite everything need to utilize Google. A great many people discover nothing amiss with Google, and they would prefer not to need to gain proficiency with another internet searcher when the one they have been utilizing for 10 years is totally fine. Windows Mobile 7, obviously, totally coordinates Bing. Clients should go through the motions on the off chance that they need to utilize Google. The various telephones coordinate with Google since they don’t have their very own internet searcher to advance.

  1. Upgraders could be left exposed

Individuals who are as of now utilizing Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5 may locate that none of the applications they purchased take a shot at Windows Mobile 7. Since Windows Mobile 7 was developed starting from the earliest stage, similarity is improbable. Microsoft has said that they will in all probability discharge some porting devices for engineers or an emulator, yet this is certifiably not an ideal arrangement.

  1. Applications

With regards to advanced cells (and PCs), it’s actually about the applications. Apple will have had a multi year head start on Microsoft, and their App Store at present flaunts more than 150,000 applications. Google’s Android and the Blackberry have been battling to get up to speed for longer than a year. Microsoft hasn’t began.

  1. Convenience

Despite the fact that this isn’t an impediment YET, it merits remembering. Microsoft is regularly truly adept at making gadgets which can play out a great deal of errands and which have a ton of highlights. Where they as a rule fall flat is in the client experience and the ease of use of their items. Ideally they truly focus on this perspective with Windows Phone 7.

Windows Mobile 7 appears as though it could be an incredible gadget if Microsoft hits the nail on the head. Lamentably, their rivals have a multi-year head start, and Microsoft will climb a daunting task.

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